C Format Specifiers

Used with functions like printf and scanf.
They define how data is presented or interpreted during input and output operations.
They basically starts with a %

Format Specifier





printf("%c", 'A');



printf("%s", "Hello");


Decimal integer

printf("%d", 42);


Long decimal integer

printf("%ld", 1000000L);


Floating-point number (default precision)

printf("%f", 3.14)


Double floating-point number

printf("%lf", 3.14);

%e, %E

Scientific notation (exponential format)

printf("%e", 3000.0);


Unsigned decimal integer

printf("%u", 42);

%x, %X

Hexadecimal integer

printf("%x", 255);


Octal integer

printf("%o", 64);


Pointer address

printf("%p", &variable);


Number of characters written so far

printf("Hello%n", &count);


Literal % character


#include <stdio.h>

int main() {
    char ch;
    printf("Enter a character: ");
    scanf("%c", &ch);
    printf("You entered: %c\n", ch);

    char str[20];
    printf("Enter a string: ");
    scanf("%s", str);
    printf("You entered: %s\n", str);

    int num;
    printf("Enter an integer: ");
    scanf("%d", &num);
    printf("You entered: %d\n", num);

    float floatNum;
    printf("Enter a floating-point number: ");
    scanf("%f", &floatNum);
    printf("You entered: %f\n", floatNum);

    double doubleNum;
    printf("Enter a double floating-point number: ");
    scanf("%lf", &doubleNum);
    printf("You entered: %lf\n", doubleNum);
    double scientificNum = 3000.0;
    printf("Scientific Notation: %e\n", scientificNum);

    unsigned int unsignedNum = 42;
    printf("Unsigned Decimal Integer: %u\n", unsignedNum);

    int hexNum = 255;
    printf("Hexadecimal Integer: %x\n", hexNum);

    int octalNum = 64;
    printf("Octal Integer: %o\n", octalNum);

    int variable = 42;
    printf("Pointer Address: %p\n", &variable);

    int count;
    printf("Hello%n", &count);
    printf("Number of Characters Written So Far: %d\n", count);

    printf("Literal Percent Sign: %%\n");
    return 0;

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